Unique Baby Gifts – Clothes and Bedding

Unique Baby Gifts are Perfect!


Unique Baby GiftsBaby Clothes and Bedding are great choices for baby gifts because they’re so practical.

Make them unique baby gifts by making sure they’re eco friendly and totally safe for baby.

Show baby’s parents you care about baby’s safety, and about the world that their baby will grow up in.  Green baby clothes and bedding protect baby from harsh chemicals, and protect the planet too.

Here are some things to look out for when you’re buying.

Avoid “Wrinkle Free” or “Crease Free” or “No Iron”

Products which advertise these characteristics seem like a good idea.  Except that it normally means that formaldehyde has been added to them.

(Yes, formaldehyde, the stuff from your biology class in school!)

Formaldehyde is often added before transportation, because it helps to prevent mould and mildew.

Formaldehyde is not a problem for many people.  But for some it results in rashes and blisters.  See Are You Allergic to Your Own Clothes? for more details.

Babies are more susceptible than adults, so to help to avoid potential problems, always wash baby clothes and bedding before first use.  (If you are giving these as a gift, advise the parents to do so also).  This will help to minimise the risks.

Organic is Safer!

Organic Logo USDALook for certified organic baby clothes and bedding.  Certified Organic means that toxic chemicals were not used in the manufacture of the baby clothes and bedding, so they’re much safer for baby.

organic_logo_Europe“Normal” or industrial cotton for example is pretty nasty stuff.  Certified organic cotton is better.

However, it still uses an awful lot of water to grow, so I prefer organic bamboo – it feels wonderful too; it’s often described as a cross between silk and cashmere.  Perfect for baby!

Canadian_Organic_logo(Just watch out for rayon – see more details here so that you don’t get “bamboozled” into thinking it’s all good bamboo!).

Bamboo is very adaptable – as well as clothing it can be made into bedding, so that gives you a wide choice of gift options.  (I love bamboo sheets, they feel lovely!).

Australian_organic logo

Gently Used Clothes, Bedding

Clothing that your baby once wore makes an excellent green gift, as long as it is clean and in great condition.

Tip: Check with the family first, as some parents may not appreciate second-hand clothing.

Hand-me-downs conserve resources, because no new materials are needed to make the gift. Plus, giving away clothing you no longer need keeps it out of a landfill.

You can also give other hand-me-downs, such as toys and cribs, to expectant parents as lovely unique baby gifts.

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