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A Unique Baby Gift means a gift that is really special.  Not necessarily hugely expensive, but special.

  • Unique and special because the giver thought about the gift, and cared enough to spend time deciding what to give.
  • Unique and special because the gift isn’t the same as everyone else is giving.  It’s unique.
  • Unique and special because you’re showing that you care not only about the new baby, but also about the future.

A green, eco-friendly baby gift shows that you are thinking of the future of the planet along with the future of the new arrival.

You’re also showing that you want the world to be a healthy place as baby grows older.

Green or eco friendly baby gifts are typically safer for newborns, because they don’t have the chemicals that can be present in conventional items.

From a personal point of view, I think it’s really great that you not only value the baby enough to want to buy him or her a gift, but that you are also showing the baby’s parents that you care about the future of the baby too!

(And showing others that you want to save the planet doesn’t do any harm either!).

Go Green for a Unique  Baby Gift

Green is definitely the way to go when it comes to finding the perfect gift for that special baby.

Luckily, finding eco friendly gifts for a baby has never been easier!

This website EcoFriendly Baby Products is the perfect place to shop!  Everything on sale here has been thoroughly researched.  Plus, you’ll see the details of the “eco cred” for each product

What’s Eco Cred?

I see a lot of products today being advertised as “eco friendly” or “natural” or “safe” for baby.  The problem is, there is no legal definition for those terms.

So, for example, I could produce a product cheaply far away, made from plastic (which is made from fossil fuel oil), wrap it in more plastic, transport it across the world to you, and because I’ve stuck a small paper label on it, and the label is made from 10% recycled paper, I can market it as “eco friendly”.

I don’t approve of that.

For me to consider a product to be Genuinely Green, it must meet many stringent criteria.

  1. I start with the company policies and procedures (they must not just mention but actively demonstrate commitment to sustainability), and on through the manufacture of the product – are the materials green, are they sustainably sourced?
  2. When it comes to safety, especially for a unique baby gift, there is no compromise.
    • Plastic toys are harmful to the environment but can also have health issues for baby.
    • Often, glues used to hold baby products together contain formaldehyde, which is known to cause asthma-like symptoms.
    • Baby gifts often come in bright, cheerful colours.  But to be eco friendly you’ll want to choose colours made from natural water-based and safe products.  (After all, many unique baby gifts end up in baby’s mouth).
  3. The product should be designed to last, so that you don’t keep on having to buy new toys.
  4. It should be packaged with the minimum of material which should be recycled and/or recyclable.

That’s a lot of things to find out before you buy!

Luckily, it’s my job to find it all out for you.

So you can browse the pages of this website and know that you can buy with confidence.

All the research has been done for you.

The products clearly list their “eco cred” so you know exactly why they’re so green

Most of the products on this website are sold via Amazon, which is world-renowned for its reliability.

Is this site for you?

Please be aware though, this website is not for everyone.

If you want to search for a baby gift from amongst thousands, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

This site contains many unique baby gifts, but not thousands.  It takes time to research and find Genuinely Green baby products, and in fact, there aren’t very many of them around (despite what others will tell you!).

So you can rely on the fact that, whatever you choose from this site, will be Genuinely Green:

Safe for baby

Safe for the planet

Safe for our future

What’s Next?

Browse the unique baby gifts amongst the categories shown at the top of this page – nearly everything on this site makes a great gift.  Plus, you know you’re voting for the future  by buying genuinely green unique baby gifts.

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