Is Online Shopping Green?

Is it True?  Is Online Shopping Green?


is online shopping greenClare, is online shopping green?

I’m often asked if shopping online is more eco friendly than traveling to the shops ourselves.  It’s a good question!

  • If you walk to shops you need, then it’s more eco friendly to walk there than to order from the shops (because they use transport to deliver the goods to you).
  • If you take public transportation to shops, then that’s also quite green, so it’s better to do that, than to order from shops.

(Note: I’m not including your time spent.   Going to the shops, or browsing and then ordering online – you’ll know which takes up less time in your specific circumstances).

If you have to drive to shops, then if you are going to that area anyway, then it makes sense to do all your shopping at one place and time.

But going to the shops, and then ordering online as well, isn’t green.

Here’s when buying online becomes online shopping green:

  • If the store is a long way from where you work or live.
  • If you would travel between several stores to check prices, options and quality
  • If the items you are buying are too large to transport yourself

In all those cases, it makes much more sense to order online and have your goods delivered to your door.

Online Shopping can be Green!

Online shopping green saves transportBuying online is quick and easy when you use reputable websites.  It’s eco-friendly because you don’t need to travel to many different shops to get what you want.

Of course, the supplier needs to transport the gift to your home, which means packaging, and carbon emissions from the vehicle.

But often, deliveries are made in bulk to geographic areas, especially from large retailers such as Amazon.

So online shopping green with amazonusing one truck to deliver multiple orders into one area, is more eco friendly than lots of individuals like you and me, driving around from shop to shop.

That’s why many of the products I recommend on this website, are delivered by Amazon.   It’s convenient and reliable for you, and it’s eco friendly too!

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