Homemade Baby Food – Peel or Not?

Should you peel fresh food?


homemade baby food fresh banana fruit It’s a question I’m asked often.

There are good arguments on both sides.

Peeling helps to reduce pesticide residues.  It may reduce the risk of choking.  It may be easier for baby to digest – but many babies have no problem at all digesting peel.  Peeling removes some of the nutrition of the food.

My suggestion is to first serve your baby peeled food.  Then if the new food agrees with baby, then try it un-peeled.  It’s less work for you, and often there’s a lot of nutrition in the peel.

Pesticide Residue

Babies are susceptible to pesticide residues, and some studies have shown health problems as a result.  But peeling food will remove a lot of pesticide residues

(According to the EPA the vast majority of pesticide residues are contained in the peel and do not penetrate into the body of the fruit or vegetable).


Peeling can reduce the food’s nutritional value.

One way of solving this problem, is to buy organic produce.  Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides, so it you want to include peel but are concerned about pesticides, then organic food is the answer.

Of course, organic produce is more eco friendly too.

Tip:  You still need to wash even organic produce, because you don’t know how it’s been handled on their journey to you, and if there were any bacteria on the skin, baby would handle it, and then spread it to the fruit and thus to his mouth.


But don’t stop feeding baby fresh produce – the benefits of a diet rich in fresh produce outweigh the risks.


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