Homemade Baby Food – Frozen?

Isn’t Frozen Food “Cheating”?


homemade baby food with frozen foodFrozen food, like canned goods, offers greater convenience than fresh produce.  The peeling and chopping are all done for you.

And there are times when in fact, it may be more nutritious than fresh food!

So, can homemade baby food have frozen food?

What you need to know

Much frozen food is made from food picked at optimal ripeness and frozen promptly, sealing in many of the nutrients.

Fresh produce begins to lose its nutritional value as soon as it’s picked.   Plus, it’s often picked before it’s fully ripe (so that it looks ripe after it has travelled to you), and this means the nutrients may not have developed completely.

Fresh or Frozen?

Buy fresh produce whenever possible – locally grown, fresh and preferably organic produce always wins.

If however, the food you want

  • needs to be transported a long way
  • is not in season
  • is not available

then buy frozen fruit and vegetables instead.

Cooking Frozen Vegetables

Cook the frozen food by putting it into already boiling water, or (better) by steaming to retain more nutrients.

Can it be Classed as Homemade Baby Food?

Frozen food, as long as it’s not in sauce or some other additive, fulfils most of the criteria of homemade baby food, because you still know exactly what you’re feeding your baby, and additives and processing are minimal.

Homemade baby food with frozen food – yes, it can work!



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