Homemade Baby Food – Fish?

 Is Fish Safe and Good for Baby?


homemade baby food with fish“I’m making homemade baby food.  Is it safe to feed fish to baby?”

“What about the bones?”

“What age must my baby be before I can feed him fish?”

These are common questions, and good ones!  Here are the answers you need.

Fish Benefits

Serving fish to your baby is beneficial from 6 – 7 months onwards.  (Check with your paediatrician first if you have any concerns at all).

Research has shown that eating fish before 9 months of age can help prevent asthma and eczema.

Remember the Four Day Rule (introduce a new food to baby, then feed only tried-and-trusted food for the next 4 days.  If any upsets occur, then you’ll be able to identify the culprit easily).

Fish is simple to prepare (recipes below) and full of goodness.

Fish can be eco friendly

If fish is caught in a sustainable manner – i.e. in smaller quantities which don’t deplete stocks rapidly, and using methods which don’t harm (e.g. damaging the sea floor), then it can be very eco friendly.

There’s also transport to consider.  Local fish, sustainably caught is best.  If fish has to travel to you, then generally it’s better to buy frozen fish – it has a lower carbon footprint because frozen fish can be transported via ship instead of fresh fish which may need to be flown to you.

To find out which fish is sustainable where you live, check out these sites:

In the USA:  the Marine Stewardship Council  (this also has a section for other countries too).

In Australia: Sustainable Sea Food

In the UK: Fish Online

Fish preparation

Fish is simple to prepare.

Tip:  If you’re cooking fish for the family, cook a little extra for baby – it’s no extra work and you’ve got ready-cooked fish to use in your homemade baby food.

One thing to always be conscious of with fish is bones.  A lot of fish is sold boneless, but sometimes there will be occasional little bones.  Always check for bones before you serve fish.

Plain white fish is normally best for baby.  Leave strongly-flavoured seafood until later.

Cooking Fish for Baby

Simply place the fish in a saucepan, cover with milk and allow to cook gently.  Follow the same procedure to cook it in the oven; just put it into an oven-proof dish and cover.   Then mash it up (checking for bones) and serve.

Main Meal Fish

Or mix it with vegetables for a more substantial meal.  For example, add 1 tablespoon of sweet potato, peas and carrots to a fillet of cooked fish, add some milk and melted butter, and mash them all together, or place in a blender and puree them.  Substitute whatever vegetables you have on hand.

Homemade baby food is really easy – and you know exactly what you’re feeding baby!



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