Bamboo Baby Blanket

Eco Cred

  • If it’s manufactured correctly, bamboo is eco friendly – and while it’s growing, it’s really “green”, far more eco friendly than growing cotton.
  • See my bamboo review for more details on why bamboo is so green – and also what to look out for. ┬áNot all bamboo clothing is eco!
  • It’s also very healthy for baby due to its natural anti-bacterial properties
  • 100% bamboo

Product Details

  • Bamboo is often described as somewhere between silk and cashmere – yes, it feels that good!
  • For babies it’s really excellent, because
    • baby will stay dry – bamboo wicks moisture away
    • baby will stay warm in winter and cool in summer – bamboo’s natural properties help this
    • baby stays fresh – bamboo absorbs odours
    • bamboo is great for allergies because it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
  • Ivory colour
  • The blanket is 35 x 51 inches / 90 x 130 cm, and has a sateen border
  • It comes in a sateen drawstring bag.


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