Urban Infant Cot Tot

Recommended by Working Mother and Parenting Magazine, the Tot Cot is a stylish and convenient alternative to the old "pillow and blanket". Specifically designed to be used on top of a standard 52" x 22" daycare cot or 48" x 24" mat, this is the first practical all-in-one sleeping solution for your little toddler heading out to preschool or daycare. This nap mat is lightweight and design-conscious. It features a pillow that can be removed for washing, thin quilted lining, child's name tag, attached fleece blanket, quick roll-up system, and a handle for easy toting! Machine wash cold and tumble dry. Lightweight design is durable enough to withstand weekly washings for years.
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Eco Cred

  • Made from fully recycled materials
  • Machine wash cold – so you use less energy
  • Durable – it can withstand machine wash for years so it’s re-usable
  • Comes in a re-usable bag

Product Details

  • Perfect for daycare and pre-school cots
  • All-in-one lining, blanket and pillow
  • Easy to roll up, with handle for easy carrying
  • There’s a little pocket for a favourite toy
  • Many customers say they wash it each Friday and it’s ready again for Monday morning at daycare again
  • The lining is quilted, and there’s a removable pillow for easy cleaning
  • Elastic on the corners lets you slip it over standard daycare cot legs or mat corners, to keep it in place
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