OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Bottle

Eco Cred

  • The bottle is made from stainless steel.  The manufacture of stainless steel uses energy for heat, but most stainless steel is now made from at least 50% recycled metal, and any stainless steel product is fully recyclable (not biodegradable).  It is much more eco friendly – and safer – than plastic.
  • Stainless steel is very hygienic, and easy to clean (and dishwasher safe).  It’s also unbreakable and therefore safe for young children.
  • Many day care centres will not allow glass bottles.  Stainless steel bottles are a good alternative.
  • The product can easily be converted to a Sippy Cup as your baby grows – this makes it even more eco friendly as it is used for longer before end-of-life.

Product Details

  • Because they’re stainless steel, they warm or heat up easily and quickly
  • Stainless steel is lightweight and unbreakable
  • It works with brand name nipples and accessories

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This item is great as a gift – as are most of the products on this website.


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