Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System

Eco Cred

  • Fabrics are certified Oeko-Tex,  an excellent international standard which ensures that the fabrics touching your baby are safe, as well as being kind to the environment
  • Fabrics need to be flame retardant for safety but often this involves toxic chemicals.   These products use non-chemical, safe methods of fire safety.
  • Organic cotton and wool are commonly used throughout the products – both materials are safe for baby
  • The rain shields, normally made of PVC (shower curtain material), are instead made from PVC-free, pththalate-free and chlorine-free material
  • The manufacturers are carbon neutral, offsetting their emissions through Climate Care.  They recycle, and design their packaging to be minimal waste, plastic window and bleach free, use water-based dyes and are 100% recyclable.

Product Details

Watch the video review below to see how it al works.

  • An all-in-one upgradeable starter kit that includes a stroller frame, infant car seat, car seat base, car seat base, Cargo Pod storage bag, five-point harness, and infant insert
  • The stroller frame easily folds with one hand, and features shock-absorbing suspension, as well as innovative removable storage.
  • The car seat includes state-of-the art safety features, a flexible ergonomic handle, and an extendible  full-coverage UV sunshade.
  • The infant car seat easily docks and rotates 360 degrees on the stroller frame or on the car seat base, which installs in 60 seconds with just a turn of a knob.
  • Turn the car seat to switch up the scenery during walks, and when you stop for a rest or a bite to eat, swivel the seat sideways, so the stroller handles don’t impede traffic.
  • The stroller has a removable Cargo Pod which doubles as a diaper bag, complete with a shoulder strap and bottle pockets.
  • Both the stroller frame and the car seat base are compatible with other Orbit Baby seats.
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See this video for a demo of the stroller system

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