Baby Bottles – Glass

Eco Cred

  • Glass is an eco friendly material.  It’s made from silica (sand) which is normally quite local to the factory.  It is heated, using energy – this is the non-green part.  After the manufacturing process, it is then transported, used, and finally, can be recycled.  It’s not biodegradable so be sure to recycle it.  It’s much more eco friendly than plastic – and far safer too in terms of chemical ingredients.
  • Because it’s glass, the baby bottle has no issue with BPA.
  • Glass is what we used to use, before plastic!
  • It is long lasting (Re-use).  Customers say it rarely breaks, and is easy to clean.
  • Glass is also good to freeze – vital nutrients are not lost, for example with freezing breastmilk.

Product Details

  • 8-ounce (about 240ml)  classic glass bottles
  • Pack includes 3 glass bottles, with 3 slow-flow nipples
  • Micro-vents for even liquid flow, baby gas reduction and protection from nipple collapse
  • Manufacturer recommends: newborn – 3 months
  • Evenflo have been operating for 85 years

Looking to Buy?

This is available through Amazon – massively reliable deliveries.

It’s also great as a gift (as are most of the items on this website)



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