Commercial Baby Food – Tips

Things to Know – Commercial Baby Food

In my previous post I discussed how wonderfully convenient commercial baby food is.  I also outlined some concerns I have with it.

Following on from that, here are some things to look out for when you buy commercial baby food.


Look at the ingredients list, so that you know what you’re buying.  For example, some commercial baby foods list “tapioca” as an ingredient (which sounds good) when in fact it is more accurately described as “chemically modified food starch” (which doesn’t sound so good).

Tip:  Commercial infant purées (first stage food) are often higher in nutritional value than the higher-stage commercial baby foods which tend to contain more fillers.

Tip:  If you’re buying single-fruit or single-vegetable products, choose the one with the most calories, because this shows it has the most food and the fewest fillers.

What About Organic Baby Food?

Commercial baby food is already expensive – and then there’s a premium for organic!

However, organic fruit and vegetables are grown with much fewer (if any) toxic pesticides and herbicides, and don’t contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms).  So you know that organic baby food has less pesticide residue.  Babies develop their immune systems as they grow, so it’s better not to expose them to too many chemicals wherever possible.

If you want your baby to have organic food, you can always but fresh organic ingredients and make your own food.  This is much cheaper than the commercial varieties.

Homemade baby food is what I’m going to tackle next!

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