Baby Days

This unique and useful book helps parents or any caregiver entertain children during a crucial period in their development, and not feel worn out in the process. Geared to the rhythms of family life, these simple activities require a minimum of energy and equipment and can be carried out over the course of an ordinary day or for a special event. Many incorporate ordinary household chores. The activities in Baby Days are conveniently organized by age as well as time of day.
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There are days when you just need a little inspiration for Things To Do with your child.  This book is cleverly organised by Activity Type and by Age, so you can easily use it as a quick reference.    What I like about it is that it doesn’t require a whole pile of fancy equipment – most of the the suggestions simply use things you’ll already have in the house.  It’s reminiscent of a simpler life, when the most mundane things are fascinating!

Book Details

Paperback, 300+ pages

For parents and child-minders / babysitters of children from about 1 – 3 years

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