Wooden Construction Block Set

As a child I loved building with Lego.   Then many of their products changed to designs for only one specific thing (e.g. a truck).  To me, that meant less creativity.  So I love the flexibility of these 50 blocks.

Eco Cred

  • Made from recycled rubber wood
  • Toxin free
  • Natural, water-based colours, dyes
  • Minimum waste company, excellent environmental reputation

Product Details

  • 50 small blocks (14 coloured and 36 natural)
  • Design and build a house, castle, town, shop…. anything!
  • Can also be used for stacking, grouping, counting etc.
  • Colour and shape recognition, stimulates imagination and creativity

Educational Toys

If I’m buying a toy for a child, I always try to make it an educational one, something they can learn from while they play.  It’s a win-win!

Looking for a Gift?

Most of the products on this website are suitable for gifts.  This wooden block toy makes a perfect gift!


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