Nyokki Grass Pet

Nyokki means grow in Japanese, and that''s exactly what these Nyokki Grass Pets (set of 2) do! These little pet plants are adorable and original and they are hand made in Japan from glazed ceramic. They are shaped like eggs with fabric legs. Filled with a growing media and rye grass seeds, these Nyokki pets are easy to grow - seeds germinate and grass grows to full height in less than two weeks. You can style your Nyokki''s hair or cut it and watch it grow again! Comes as a set of two matching Nyokki pets. Choose from Monkey, Chickee, Froggie, Piglet, Kitty, Bear, Snowman, Santa Claus and Gingerbread Man. Each set sold individually.
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Eco Cred

  • Rye grass grows easily, without chemicals
  • Brings nature indoors
  • Teaches children about nature, growth, living things
  • The egg-shaped pot is ceramic and fully biodegradable, with little fabric legs

Product Details

  • This product comes in a set of 2, and each “egg” is about 2″ high and wide
  • It comes complete with growing media and rye grass seeds
  • The rye normally grows within about 2 weeks.
  • Once grown, it can be cut, shaped or braided.  After cutting it will grow again.

Educational Toys

If I’m buying a gift for a child, I always try to make it an educational one, something they can learn from while they play.  It’s a win-win!

Looking for a Gift?

Most of the products on this website are suitable for gifts.  This fun growing toy would make a perfect gift!


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