Balancing Monkeys

Eco Cred:

  • Made from non-toxic recycled rubberwood
  • Toxin-free glue and colours
  • Factory uses the minimum waste concept

Product Details:  

This is one of my favourite educational eco friendly toys, because it teaches so many different skills while having fun.

  • The tree falls over if too many or too few monkeys are balanced on it.  This teaches not just basic math, but also gravity, weight and levers.  For example, two monkeys in the middle hole can be balanced by one monkey in the outer hole on the other side.
  • This toy also teaches perseverance - if it doesn’t work first time, try again – great preparation for the real world!
  • Manufacturer recommends 36 months +

Educational Toys

If I’m buying a gift for a child, I always try to make it an educational one, something they can learn from while they play.  It’s a win-win!

Looking for a Gift?

Most of the products on this website are suitable for gifts.  This Balancing Monkeys toy would make a perfect gift!

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