13 Villages Project

In a remote rural area outside Cairo, Egypt, there are 13 villages.

These villages were known for widespread unemployment, poor living conditions, and drug abuse.

It seemed like there was no way up, and economic opportunity was just a dream.

This all changed in 2006, when a project was formed by the Egyptian partners of Under The Nile.  They had a two-step solution for the problems faced by these 13 villages:

  1. 13 villages kidsCreate  awareness around hygiene and better health;
  2. Create economic opportunity.

13 villages water coolerBy providing free health and dental care as well as life skills coaching, the villages began to transform. The villagers started to put thought into their work and to take pride in what they were doing.

Then, things really started to happen!

Through microloans (small loans of money to people with no collateral), many of these villagers were able to start their own businesses.

  • Some liked to cook, so they started their own restaurants.
  • Some liked to build, so they started their own carpentry shops.

13 villages new businessThe success rate was so high that 98% of all loans were paid back, and more loans were given to expand their businesses.

Some of the women who had a penchant for sewing began to sew toys for Under the Nile, who paid them fair wages for their work.

As a result, they started to become more independent, more confident individuals.


Today, there are an incredible 540 new enterprises in these villages!


13 villages veggie crateThis is the success story called The 13 Villages Project.

It is the story behind every fruit and veggie toy you buy at Under the Nile.

It is why your purchase makes a real difference.


Want to be a part of the 13 Villages Project?

Of course you do!

13 villages green bean veggie toyClick on the Menus at the top of the page, choose Eco Toys to see just some of the wonderful fruit and veg toys that Under The Nile make.  Then click on Eco Clothes – they make the most gorgeous clothes – all eco friendly of course, and helping to change the world.  One purchase at a time.

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