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Eco Friendly Baby Products – Gift Your Baby the Very Best!


Make sure that your precious baby is surrounded only by healthy things – toys and products which can’t harm your baby (and are also kind to the environment).  Better for your baby, better for you, and better for the planet – that’s a win-win-win!

Here you will find an exclusive list of the very best eco friendly baby products.  Perfect for your own baby, perfect for that special gift.

All the products on these pages have been especially chosen for their eco friendly qualities.  Each product has its own “eco cred” section, where you can see at a a glance exactly why this product is safe for baby and kind to the environment.

No more “green-washing” – don’t be fooled again into thinking a product is genuinely green just because it says so on the label!

You’ll know for sure.

Imagine knowing for sure you’ve bought the right products.  If you’ve purchased gifts, imagine being able to describe exactly why your gifts are so great!


Eco friendly baby

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I hope you enjoy this hand-picked selection of eco friendly baby products – safe for your baby, safe for you, and safe for the planet.


























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